when life gives you lemons …


taking a longer vacation trip rarely results in me not bringing the right photo equipment. usually there is time to pack and plan. but this summer i had two back to back work trips coming back from the second of those just 24 hours before leaving for a two week vacation trip to Argentina. on top of this i  spent the last three days in bed sick while on the second of those business trips so i didn’t use the camera i brought on that trip at all. packing for the vacation trip, still feeling a bit weak from the stomach bug i just packed my camera, planning to have my 35mm (XCD 3,5/45mm) with me, pretty much the one lens i travel with. i raced to the airport, arrived in Buenos Aires (at the amazing Home Hotel), unpacked, grabbed my camera and went for a walk. as i took the first photo i thought something was off. and on closer inspection, i realized (and at the same time remembered) that i did not have the 35mm lens on the camera body, but rather the much longer XCD 3,2/90mm — which would be an equivalent of 71mm, compared to the 35mm. ok. first i was bummed. then 71mm just didn’t feel right. way to close, not enough in the frame. and so the first day was more or less just lost because of my attitude. over a great dinner at Cucina Paradiso just around the corner from the hotel i recognized there wasn’t any chance to change things, i was stuck with the 71mm lens and better make the most out of it. so starting with the next day i just changed the way i usually approach a new city. usually i look for people and try to capture daily scenes (like this set that i took in Oaxaca at the market), instead now i wanted to focus on little things — capture the parts of the city. while the 71mm is great for portraiture i don’t like it to capture people on the street with it. so i looked for other things — i took at ton of photos of buildings, but then once i got to the La Recoleta cemetery that i where i really started to enjoy the 71mm, actually i was really happy i  had this lens rather than the 35mm. and so in the end i didn’t come back with the photos i thought i would take but came back with an appreciation for a whole different way to look at a place.

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