something i love about photography is that at the beginning of  your day  you never really know what you will come home with. i think that is to a degree true for all kinds of photography, no matter if you do portraits in the studio, landscapes, or dabble in street photography (whatever that means). but as you take photos throughout a session or throughout a day there will be moments when you see something that you like. this photo is nothing special, but at the same time i have come back to it many times. when i was out there in LA, in Korea Town (actually waiting for a table to get ready at my favorite Mexican restauran there, Guelagueza) i came across this car. now the car by itself is already pertty cool, but i loved the rust on the roof, and then the sun beams hitting it where great. so i was wondering how to capture this. i probably took 5 or so photos. this one is the one i came back to over and over. the explosion of sun light in the top right, the detail in the car, it somehow works for me … let me know what you think.

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