summer evening at the rodeo

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Summer nights have their own magic and during the time between the 4th of July and Labor Day, when it gets hot and humid (at least in most places across the East Coast), there is probably no better place than a rodeo. And when it comes to rodeos there are few better than the Battle of the Beasts at the J Bar W Ranch in Maryland. Ok, I bet there are rodeos out in Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Oregon … out west which are just as good, but what makes them special is that they feel like a family is running them — these are not some large corporate events. you can mingle with the cowboys, things only go 100% smoothly (sometimes it will take 10 or more minutes for a bull to be caught but that just adds to the experience. At the end of the day this is a small town get together (with a few city folks like me thrown in), people are having fun, they are being entertained and enjoy the beauty of a summer night with barely a cloud on the sky, the sunset turning redder and redder as the evening turns to night.


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