all photos on this blog are (if not otherwise mentioned) by me, carsten schmidt.

photography,  art, food are my three main hobbies. photography is the one that i engage in more directly. by taking my own photos it is also a key lens for my exploration of the art world. i not only love to take photos of and in the art world but i love to look at art and understand what drives other artists and how they approach it. food, both consuming and creating it is a completely different area but getting ideas from restaurants and then trying to experiment at home with those ideas and recipes is a very satisfying way to spend your time. esthetics and how the visuals impact you is where i see the overlap between these three hobbies.

here on this site i post both some of my own photography explorations (and links to my portfolio at as well as my thoughts about works of art i admire or that capture my interest in another way, and restaurants and dishes that inspire me. i am very much interested in understanding what drives people to collect are and what drives artists when they create art. so you will find my thoughts on all of those areas in this blog.