Marfa Prada — Playing with Long Exposures


Marfa, TX is a pretty magical place. It is probably my favorite little town in the U.S. And it is one of the few places that gives me hope for the U.S. at the heart of it, it is a farm town, a place where cowboys rule. but it is also a place where really cool art is at home, a tiny place that has a hipster hotel. and of all the places the bar at this hipster hotel is where you can find yourself talk to a local cowboy, a local farmer, and a local NPR reporter, and a East Coast art collector, two private airplane pilots who are delivering some customers, and you all chat about what is going on this country without fights breaking out, without arguments. It truly is a magical place.

I was there last week, spending three days there at the tail end of a road trip that started in Brownsville (more or less where the Rio Bravo empties out into the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the photos I took on the trip where to document that various border towns, but once I made it to Marfa the local art vibe I guess took hold of me and I experimented a bit more, and what better subject to experiment on than the Marfa Prada.

A Day at the Salton Sea

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Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea is one of those little treasures that once you watch it open up a whole new world. and once you have watched the movie you really want to see place. Two years ago was my first visit (a stop on my way to Joshua Tree National Park). Two weeks ago while spending two days in Palm Springs I visited again. It is a surreal place. It is the kind of place that makes you think of movies like Mad Max or The Road and realize that reality can sometimes be stranger or at least pretty close to fiction. The Salton Sea was supposed to be the next Palm Springs. A desert oasis with a lake, a place where the upper middle class and the upper class could hang out, go water skiing, and build beautiful houses. And then nature (with a helping hand of humans) turned on this dream. And now you can buy a lot of land for $4999 (cash). Now it is the place where Breaking Bad is not a TV show but reality.